Software Used: Lightroom, Photoshop
Actions/Presets Used: Autumn Equinox Photoshop Actions
Extra Details: I made some minor adjustments in Lightroom 3 (warmed up, bumped up exposure, recovery, fill light, clarity and vibrance). I used the Autumn Equinox set: Warm Cider 20%, Jenna’s Jewels 20%, Burnt Firewood 16% painted on sky and Fall Foliage 14% also painted on sky. From the season extras I used Highlight Saver and Ellie’s Magic Trick. Last I used Burn Me Up to tone down the light flare from the off camera flash. Resized with MCP Facebook Fix.


Image Title: Surprise Sunset
By: Dena Dendy
Studio: Love of Mine Photography
Website: http://www.loveofminephotography.com

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