What file formats can I upload? 

Resize your photos for web (900-1,000px on the longest side). You are welcome to use our Free Facebook Fix “One Image” resizing action. Save as quality 6-10 .jpg or as a .png.  Our server is likely to time out if you try uploading a high res image. We cannot accept raw images.


Can I watermark my images?

Yes, you are welcome to add a watermark or a branding bar to your photos. MCP Actions is not responsible for misuse of images.  Please make sure the watermarks or logos don’t detract from the images.


I just tried uploading and I got an error that your server was busy.  What should I do?

Please make sure that you have all required sections filled out and that you have resized your images properly.  If this continues to happen, please revisit later, as we may have unusually high traffic volumes.


Why didn’t my photos show up after they uploaded?

When uploading, please be sure to wait for thank you page as confirmation of a successful upload.  Photos will not appear immediately. We review submissions weekly and choose a variety of images. Edits must use MCP products and the description needs to include what actions, presets, or textures were used. Make sure to check back and see if you image is featured. If yours doesn’t make it to Show and Tell and used our products, please share it on our Facebook Group and ask for critique. Sometimes all it needs is a little fine-tuning.


Where can I get the actions, presets or textures used in these edits?

You can buy and download all products used in the edits shown on this page at the MCP Actions Store.


Will my photos look like the images shown if I buy the same sets a photographer used?

It depends on your exposure, lighting, focus, style and composition, as they play a large role in the final result of any image. MCP Actions cannot guarantee your outcome will match the images shown. Actually, your images may even look better or improve more substantially.